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              Chairman's Statements

                  DU Sheng, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Qingdao Changyu Group Company Limited, is also a successive representative of National People’s Congress (Yantai City, the 14th, 15th and 16thNPC).
                  He was determined to be occupied in the sector of sealing materials at the age of 35, founded Changyu Company at his 38, and has been expanding his business scope from his 45. Now he set up Qingdao Changyu Group at his 60.
               Words from Chairman:
                 For the past 28 years, Changyu Group has experienced several development stages with a stable yet rapid speed, from the painstaking startup to the exploration and expansion out of Shandong Province and to global distribution. “I feel grateful for the acceptance and recognition to us from the market and the whole industry.”
                The moderate progress of the Group is the result of the efforts, dedication and innovation of every Changyu companion, the encouragement, support and sincere cooperation of our partners, and the trust and approval of numerous customers. All of them have constituted an indispensable force and the source of confidence of Changyu Group to strengthen its foundation, rapidly develop and achieve success.
              It pays to be diligent at work, nice in behaves and honest in business. The history and presence of Changyu Group have proven that integrity is the root of our enterprise, customer demand is the orientation of our development, innovation is the driven force of our future, and quality and service is the guarantee for faith.
                “Looking into the future, I believe that we will be able to obtain constant supports from our partners in various sectors and lead the company to a faster, better and healthier future, as long as we keep upholding the principle of scientific innovation, adapting to the changes in the market and adhering to the core value of integrity.”

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